Make a difference in your community

Invest in a better world.

We can do greater things when we unite. Strength in numbers. We support our local community – including local businesses, services, nonprofits, and people in need. We want to help them succeed.

Marissa Elliott with Imagine1Day

“I am very excited to share that I have earned the Master Financial Advisor in Philanthropy (MFA-P) designation. Supporting both our local and global community is an important focus of ours at Elsay Wealth and I am looking forward to providing even more strategic counselling and advice in the way of legacy planning and philanthropy to our clients.”

Marissa Elliott
Co-Founder, Advisor

Charitable Giving

We believe that as an organization, it is important to give back to both our local community and abroad. Our founding partners have sat on the advisory board for various charitable organizations including Run For Water, A Better Life Foundation, and Imagine1Day.

We have worked with and presented to donors of numerous charitable organizations including the Canadian Cancer Society and Nature’s Conservancy of Canada. Our work in Charitable Giving and Community Engagement reflects our core values as a business.
Run for Water is an Abbotsford based charitable organization dedicated to building clean water projects in rural communities of Ethiopia.

The members of Run For Water Society share the goal of promoting healthy physical activity and community spirit as well as raising funds for clean water development in under-privileged communities.
A Better Life Foundation’ (ABLF) strives to support people in need. The overarching goal of the Foundation is to raise critical funds towards providing food security to women, children, and those in assisted living as well as provide job training and employment opportunities for the community at large.

By looking for and working towards sustainable solutions, ABLF aims to contribute towards meaningful change.
We invest in developing leaders today, to ensure our impact is seen well into the future. We’re committed to the possibility that in this lifetime, Ethiopia will emerge as a global leader with education as the primary driver. We set big goals, apply long-term thinking and share our results with full transparency. We love when people take action to make their best possible future come alive and we look forward to 2030, when the collective creativity of our community has forever changed the face of charity and has put us out of a job. What can your imagination do for the world?

Elsay wealth is excited to announce
its partnership with Globalfaces on our new Legacy Planning program for charities across Canada.

Proudly fundraising
for charities
Elsay Wealth & GlobalFaces

Our Values


We consult with and listen to our
clients to truly understand what
they need. And we engage with
our trusted expert partners to
manage our clients’ needs,


We follow through on our word.
Through our team of expert
partners, clients will have the
confidence that their unique
circumstances are well in hand.
We take responsibility for our
actions and we’re accountable
for our partners.


We can do greater things when we
unite. Strength in numbers. We
support our local community –
including local businesses,
services, nonprofits, and people in
need. We want to help them


Achieving peace of mind,
personal and financial
balance, and focusing on the
things that make you happy.
Success only comes through


We choose to see the unique
and inherent goodness in
everyone. We truly care about
our team, clients, and
community, and demonstrate
this by operating from a place of
compassion, not ego.


People aren’t numbers, and
relationships aren’t transactions.
Our interest in our clients is
defined by an unwavering desire
for them to be happy, have
peace of mind and to achieve
their goals.


We understand that our clients
cannot have full peace of mind
unless they understand the
breadth, and depth, of tools
available to help them achieve it.

Global Community

We are actively involved in our local community and abroad.

From building new schools and clean water projects in Africa, to providing hot meals to our local East Side Vancouver residents – we believe that helping others ignites our spirits and drives us to become better versions of ourselves. Through compassion, commitment and a strategic plan, we challenge ourselves on how we can improve both our community and our environment.

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