Live for now;
Tomorrow is taken care of.

Don’t wait to enjoy all you’ve built. At Elsay Wealth, we believe
that financial success is not a tangible thing, but a life well-
lived. We redefine what it means to live well today, because
we’re the ones looking out for your tomorrow. We think about
the future so you can focus on the present.

Reframing Financial Success

We believe that when understanding and trust exist, uncertainty can’t, and peace of mind flourishes.

We exist to reframe and transform the way business owners experience financial security, so they never again experience financial uncertainty, and can live a better life as a result. We know that our clients have worked hard to get to where they are, and they’re ready to peacefully enjoy all life has to offer, while ensuring their families will always be taken care of.

Our commitment is to providing business owners and their families with a customized approach to managing their finances, rooted in creative strategies and tax-efficient tools they never knew existed. We take great pleasure in investing the time to truly understand who our clients are, and their uniquely personal values and goals. This understanding enables us to enlist the perfectly tailored team of expert collaborators for each client, in turn enabling a level of trust with our clients upon which real, long-lasting relationships are formed.

This is the new definition of financial success.
Reframing Collaboration
Real relationships aren’t defined by giving and taking orders. We work in unison with our clients, their families, and our expert partners to understand where the uncertainty lays and how best to transform it.
Reframing Expertise
One size doesn’t fit all, and one expert alone rarely holds all the answers. Our customizable team of experts work together to deliver peace of mind from every possible perspective.
Reframing Knowledge Sharing
Uncertainty thrives where a lack of understanding exists. We educate our clients about every tool, strategy, and expertise available to help them achieve financial freedom.
Financial certainty is merely a stepping stone on the path to success. Success means our clients are living the life they’ve always wanted, empowered by financial freedom.

What we do for our clients

Tax and Estate

Wealth Transfer

Tax Efficient
Wealth Strategies

Life, Disability and
Critical Illness

Legacy Planing


Family & Youth

Philanthropy &
Charitable Giving

Marissa Elliott at Elsay Wealth office

Who we fight for

We’re for the successful business owner and incorporated professional who want to secure their finances for themselves and their family; and know that the fastest way to achieving this is with expert help. They understand delegation and fundamentally value expertise.

They care deeply about retaining the quality of life they’ve created for themselves and their family.

They are motivated by a drive to preserve and grow all that they’ve worked so hard to create, the uncertainty that surrounds how to best do it, and the desire to leave no stone unturned in this pursuit.

We also service the following…

Entertainment Industry


Professional Athletes

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